Life is too short…

hour glassFor quite a few years I have been declaring to anyone who will listen that life is too short to drink bad coffee. Recently I found others who share the same sentiment and make the same declaration.

Why waste time drinking a poor quality brew when it takes much the same time to make the best. Of course, as I mentioned to some colleagues last week, the formula for good coffee isn’t quite as simple as we might think. For me:

Good Coffee = Good Brew + Good Surroundings + Great Friends

So last week in Egypt I was delighted to have quite a few good cups of coffee as I shared with colleagues and friends in lovely places that I have never visited before.

On my way to Egypt I was reflecting on the ‘Life Is Too Short’ idea. Coffee is hardly an earth shattering topic. But life is too short for a whole range of things. And as I move into the later years of my working life I suppose that I am becoming more conscious of these things. We each want to make a difference and, if we have the opportunity, leave a legacy.

So I concluded that life is too short to deliver training that doesn’t make a difference. That means that I have a responsibility to deliver content that will have an impact and that causes the learners to make a difference to the way that they work.

But it also means that I may need to evaluate the opportunities much more critically. Should I even give time to requests which look like they may not offer the opportunity for change, development and impact? Will the training be received and have any effect within the organisation or individuals involved. Is it fair to involve the cost on the partners as well as my own body and the stress for my family if there is unlikely to be any change as a result – no matter how good my content and delivery may be?

We each have a working life of around 40 years. Just four decades to make a difference in the lives of those who entrust their learning and development for a day, week or even several years. The implied contract is that there will be change and growth.