Doing the best…

I’m grateful to Elaine Applebee (@elaineapplebee) for pointing out an interesting take on jargon of ‘best practice’.

Gurprriet Siingh (@joyandlife) challenges the current fascination with the idea of best practice. It’s a popular idea that we should always be adopting the best practices demonstrated by colleagues or revealed through case-studies etc.

But as Siingh observes, what might be good practice for me may not be best for you. In his blog he argues that just copying because we’re told that an approach is good practice fails to consider our own context.

So what do we do if we want to benefit from the best ways of working? Siingh suggests that we need to modify as required or, better still, build our own best way of doing things.

Recently a colleague reminded me of Michael Polanyi’s observation that professionals know more than they realise. By all means aspire to excellence and learn from the way others do their job. But be ready to develop your own theories and practice by reflecting on what is really good and what will better for you.